Expanding My Knowledge Of Bioware

I’ve been reading up on Bioware for the last couples days and found out some really cool things I didn’t know about them before. So, here is where I will put all of my new found knowledge in… list form :’) to keep track of all this discovery!

  • Bioware is a pretty respected video game developing company…. just kidding, the entire planet knows thaaat ok moving on
  • Bioware was founded by three doctors. Which gives me hope that I, as well, can break into the business
  • Bioware is responsible for creating Neverwinter Nights??? Which BLOWS my mind because I played that nonstop as a kid and I just never imagined Bioware was behind such a masterpiece but… guess I shouldn’t be surprised
  • Was founded 22 years ago, which is exactly how old I am, hollaaa
  • As of 2010, they had 800 total employees. But I think 801 is a better number so… better get on that, Bioware *coughs please hire me*
  • It’s a Canadian company (guess I’m moving to Canada)
  • ^^ Or Texas because they have an office in Austin but… would rather move to Canada tbh
  • Strives to produce the “best story-driven games in the world” which like… already happened in my humble opinion but ok Bioware
  • Employees get a load of incredible benefits which include free daily breakfast and discounted gym memberships??? Geez
  • Has not yet announced Dragon Age 4 which gives me an ANEURYSM but hey… I can wait for revenge on that egghead

Still pretty sure it is my destiny to work at Bioware, but when I was 13 I still had fantasies about undergoing a freak pubescent change into a mermaid so… we’ll see.


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