A Brief History Of My Introduction To Bioware

It’s no secret that Bioware is often considered one of the most successful and innovative video game corporations out there. I touched my first Bioware game in 2010, not knowing much about it at all except that it was a standard RPG–an idle gift my brother bought for the household but never actually bothered to share with us. I never would have imagined how that game would go on to affect me, namely, giving me a clear purpose on where I wanted my future career to eventually go. All I knew was that from the moment I touched that game–that game being Dragon Age: Origins, I knew I wanted to work for a video game developer.

Dragon Age: Origins consumed me, as it did with many others, and I rushed through it, completing every side quest, looting every defeated opponent, and even going so far as to have multiple save slots so that I could go back as many times as I liked so that I could choose every option the game held for me. Prior to Dragon Age: Origins, my RPG experiences mostly dwelled within the range of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X, in addition to a number of cult-classic Playstation 1 games such as Legend of Legaia and Legend of Dragoon. All of those games were similar in the sense that time ran chronologically in order and in a linear fashion. I really didn’t know that games which allowed the user to make choices existed. And I REALLY didn’t know that most of these games wanted you to be so emotionally engaged within its story that it had love interests for your character to pursue and romantically court. Imagine my surprise when Alistair from DAO started flirting with sixteen year old me before handing me a rose and calling my character beautiful. It’s been seven years later and I’m still swooning.

That’s not to say that I still don’t play regular, linear RPG’s however. Because I do. I love them, I’ve always loved them, and I will continue to love them for as long as I am a gamer. Bioware merely introduced an entire new dimension of games for me to play and gave me new experiences I will never be able to repay… well, besides with my money. But that’s besides the point. I knew from the instant I fired up DAO that I wanted to be a part of something that extraordinary… and here we are.




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